Our story
Dio Flower Synthesis

Our story

Dio Flowers Synthesis was created in 1992 from the idea that: “Every day there are dozens of reasons why someone buys flowers so let's give them the best possible result!”
SINCE 1992

Quality & Innovation

From then until today, our customers have the opportunity to keep memories through time, from high quality flowers that are delivered in their lives. Without compromise, we remained true to our vision and authenticity and created a name in the city of Larissa that is linked to quality and innovation.

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While Dio Flowers Synthesis continues to grow, the ideals for our creations remain stable: Modern flower compositions, ahead of trend, using new varieties of flowers that change with the season and combine texture and interest. We never downgrade quality over the rough result for quick profit. The most important thing for us is to stay true to ourselves and the expectations of our customers.

Flowers are our basis and means, so that we can create for you special private moments that will bring a smile to each of the persons for whom we create.

Dio Flower Synthesis

Our story
Our story
Our story
Our story

What they said about us

It is our great pleasure that you choose us and that you are always satisfied with our creations.

We are waiting for you at our place!

Trust us for your personal, professional and social obligations and the final result will surely leave you satisfied.